We Aren’t Boring, So Why Are Our Style Choices? {EXPRESS YOURSELF!}


Do you have feel like your decorating decisions are ‘safe’ ? You buy something ‘neutral’ or ‘timeless’ but then feel like you end up with a bland room? Meanwhile you are looking at other rooms in envy cause you think they are so much more awesome? I do! Granted I’ve always opted for cheap over quality and maybe I’ve stuck with safer and neutral items knowing my husband wouldn’t put up too much protest over the purchase of a beige couch rather than a Kelly green one.
The same goes for fashion – why don’t we wear those things we think are adorable!? When we see someone who is sporting a look we love we only think well of her self assurance and fashion sense – then turn around and try to make ourselves feel better by pointing out how those sandals make her ankles look puffy or that she must be a fashion-obsessed, debt-carrying, shopaholic – nah, we are just jealous.
What keeps us making these ‘safe’, nondescript choices with how we express ourselves? After all it is the image we share with the world on how we perceive ourselves – what message are we sending?
Why do we go for this….
 When we really want this?……

When we moved into this boring ole split level I knew we would be here for the next 15ish years and I thought – now is the time I start decorating how I’ve always wanted and envied over – buying things that maybe are a little more expensive but things I feel like they are a reflection of me and my aesthetic. 

 Here are the safe choices I’ve stuck with …..

Here are the looks I really wanted to go with….

I think a big turning point was (one, Pinterest! Thank you evil genuises who developed Pinterest! and two….) becoming a stay at home mom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stuck at home all day everyday, but I do spend copious amounts of time at home now.  It kinda makes a woman go a little house-crazy. It gives you that urge to feather your nest, to make this house feel like the home you’ve always imagined raising your family in – having your friends feel welcome in – making your guests want to come again – where you and your husband feel peaceful and relaxed at the end of the day.
What kind of items and looks are you pursuing to make your house your home?

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