Twelve Months Of Lenayah {Her First Birthday Theme}

This post is a couple months overdue. But as usual, I’ve been busy. You know, day drinking, cutting food into geometric shapes, making out at the Roxy.  

Two months ago my baby girl turned ONE! 

Maybe you’ve heard this new rule around birthdays. Your child doesn’t legally age onto the next year unless they have a themed birthday. It’s Pinterest science. 

I joke, you know I love the Pinterest mom. The fact is I have full intentions of throwing themed birthdays. If by themed birthdays we mean going to the dollar store and buying the variety pack of matching character-clad napkins, balloons, plates and hats. I will theme birthday like a boss! I might even invite guests! 

So I’m reserving the dollar store splurge a few more years, but there’s still a theme here. It was a pretty elaborate theme. Like the kind that doesn’t look like a theme on the surface but it really is. It’s all artsy and crap like that, pretty deep stuff.  I like to call it ‘You’re Welcome’. 

As in you’re welcome I held you for four months straight while you cried and slept and cried and slept on my chest. Arms falling asleep, eating protein bars and tiredly rescuing you from your old brother who thought you were a Mrs.Potato Head doll. And you’re welcome I cut gluten and dairy from our diets to ease your esophagitis for almost nine more months after that. Hours of pinning recipes and chopping vegetables and searching for quinoa flour. You’re also welcome that I’ve decided its time to let go of all the notions I had about parenting and controlling everything around me (ok, maybe you are the one who decided this for me). You’re welcome my balance is improving, so I can be where you need me, on my toes. Most of all you’re welcome to call this family and my arms your home, we are so happy to be blessed with your sassy sweetness. 

quinoa waffles
tuna, peas and pickles. I do not endorse this combo
spaghetti dinner
 Pineapple Coconut Cupcakes (using a boxed mix)

So this birthday rated 3.96 on the Pinterest-ability scale. It’s Pinterest Science. Regardless, Lenayah was pretty content with her favourite gluten-free, dairy-free meals. Crawling through laundry forts with her brother. Kicking her little toes in her high chair while her closest friends and family sang her happy birthday. Chewing on an ‘over the hill’ ballon I found in the junk drawer. 

Themed birthdays. You’re welcome!

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