Tracking the Pregnancy Belly Bump {Round Two}

In my first pregnancy I tracked my growing preggo belly with an iPhone pic every few weeks. Thought I would do something a little more memorable the second time around and involve my son as well. Each picture I wrote the week of pregnancy I was at, the ‘fruit’ the baby would be the size of and the age of Levi. I know you can’t see it all very well in the pics, but hopefully a printed version will show better. I think I’ll print it off and put in my daughter’s room.
It took me 10 months to get this put together and once it was I just loved to see how my baby grew into a little boy along with my belly. However, I almost cropped my head out of the 2nd trimester pics – ugh, that hair was bad news! But nobody told me – maybe because I was pregnant….and irrational….and emotional…and did I mention pregnant? I knew I was having a girl cause she took all my sweetness.
She’s my sweet little flower (puke, I know; but really she is). Read her VBAC birth story here and our journey with her esophagitis here.

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4 thoughts on “Tracking the Pregnancy Belly Bump {Round Two}”

  1. That is so precious! I especially love the last pic with the two babies. Great idea to use the chalkboard too. I always think I’ll remember the details of a picture and I soon forget! 🙂

    • Thanks Jo, though I can’t take credit for the idea – I saw it on Pinterest. You are right, we take so many pictures it’s hard to remember all the details!


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