5 Fashion Rules You Probably Aren’t Following….according to toddlers

There’s a lot of great pins for this year’s fall fashion trends and rules. However, let’s not neglect the timeless fashion lessons that can be learned right at home.

If you have toddlers who are dressing themselves then you are getting a lesson in self-expression through reckless style swagger.

Toddlers don’t give a hot-loving thought to what anyone thinks about fashion. They wear what they want, how they want, when they want.

So let’s take a page out of their playbooks…..

a funny take on how toddlers dress themselves and what we can learn from it

1. Dress for the job you want. 

Stacey and Clinton were right! And no job is out of the question. If it is a ‘title’, it is a career option and you have to chase that dream. So strap on those sparkly shoes, fanny packs and lady bug wings to be the best ever ‘magician/ballerina/explorer/every other thing that ever requires a uniform, accessories or shoes’ in the history of time!

 toddler style 101 

2. Dress for the weather you want.

Maybe toddlers cannot process the effects of weathers on the body. Maybe they just really like never wearing a jacket.  And if everyone else is at the beach in bathing suits, they will throw on a sweater to tell the sunbeams that they don’t accept their glaring rays (it also provides two extra pockets to store extra sand for a snack later).

wear a sweater to the beach


3. Own it.

Even if your outfit teeters between ‘I’m a senior who speed walks in the mall on Wednesdays’ and ‘I heard there was smorgasboard’ you own that fashion statement in all its monochrome stretchy-waisted glory!

 head to toe sweats and crocs own it


4. When in doubt, chose comfort.

Some might say ‘form over function’, but then you could never wear pajamas all day long. And if anyone tries to make you wear not-stretchy clothes, rise up in protest. They are trying to smother your creative expression and ability to practice handstands at the dinner table.

 headstands and pjs 


5. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.

But let’s not get into the drawn-out debates over stripes, florals, pattern sizes and this year’s Pantone picks. You only need to know one rule, these five words: if it exists, it matches. Period. Drops mic and walks off stage.

  pattern mixing
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