Tips on Choosing Your 30 for 30 {Closet Remix Challenge for Moms}

Have you ever stood in front of your closet, a closet full of clothes, and thought, I have nothing to wear!
 Or have you ended up wearing yoga pants all day, or even all week because you didn’t have the time or patience to figure out what to wear?

Don’t fret, because you’re not alone. We all experience this at one time or another. But after our February 30 for 30 Challenge, that’s all going to change. By the end of the month, we are going to learn to wear ALL the clothes in our closet, not just the 10 pieces we rotate through regularly. We will also hopefully have 30 go-to outfits that will be easy to throw on in the morning without having to worry about whether it works or not.
Before we can get those 30 outfits, we have to pick our 30 pieces of clothing, which can be a challenge in it’s self. If you’re like me, you gravitate towards the clothing that is basic and that you know works together.
For the 30 for 30, I will make sure to choose some basics that I can mix and match, but I’m also going to pick a few of those pieces of clothing that I’ve bought but sit in my closet collecting dust because I’m not sure I can pull it off or if I’m wearing it the right way or if it looks good on me. I’m going use this as an opportunity to start using my whole closet and I’m excited about it. – Salma, the Write Balance

30 for 30 Tips
 – If it is worn, torn or ill-fitting don’t add it to your 30 for 30, or back into your closet for that matter
– Give yourself some time to try on clothes when choosing your 30 items. If you have time, then purge, or ‘edit’ your closet at the same time.
– Work with clothes ideal for your body type and your colour palette.
– Work within a wardrobe colour palette that is interchangeable. For some people this has no limits, for others who like to play it safe stick with colours you are comfortable pairing together in various ways
– Don’t feel pressured to love every outfit you put together.
– Don’t feel pressured to come up with 30 unique outfits. If you find a look you like, you can change it up by adding another layer and using different accessories and shoes
Tips from Raj at Pink Chai Style
– For your 30 items, choose more tops and less bottoms so that if you end up with 7 bottoms, try to have 12 tops. It is easier to repeat a bottom than a top and with tops, cardigans and blazers, you can also layer.
– Try to include a dress or skirt even if you aren’t sure how you are going to style it. The idea is to push yourself our of your comfort zone.
– Go with 60% solid colours and basics, 30% fun prints and then 10% totally wild. It’s fun to have a few pieces that are really hard for you to style and you want to force yourself to use them, but you also need some basics to pair your fun items with.
– With your accessories, think beyond jewellery. You’ll want to use your belts, hats, scarves, headbands, everything. Get creative!
Tips from Agi at Vodka Infused Lemonade
– Pick items that you know you will wear and are easy to mix and match with.
– Since it’s still winter and cold I would recommend sweaters, turtlenecks, some button shirts, a blazer, jeans and boots.
– I would also include a versatile dress.
– Give yourself some time and go through your ENTIRE closet. You want to enjoy this, not dread it and it’s fun to get creative with your clothes!
– Layering clothing is a great way to make the 30 for 30 Challenge work for you.

We want YOU to join in with us, Starting Feb 1
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