These Are Good Podcasts

So in my free time (read: the thirty minutes from 11pm to 1130pm that I spend all alone steeping in a hot epsom salt bath) I like to listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are wonderful. They are free, entertaining, about almost anything and can be audio or video. They are easy to pick up where you left off, you can download them and listen to them while driving, you can stream them on your AppleTV.

Here’s what I’m listening to lately…..

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
Its like having coffee with your Texan Jesus-lovin, FNL-watching, foodie girlfriends.

The Longest Shortest Time
When you need a safe place to be as a mom, just listen to one of these podcasts.

Beyond Your Blog
This site is all about submitting your writing to other places. The podcast is a series of Editor interviews on what some popular sites are looking for and how to submit to them.

I’m Right & You’re Wrong
My girl crush on Brooke from Miss Teen USSR is about as secret as that time 11-year old me tried add a stripe of masking tape on my runners to pass them off as ‘Adidas’. This is a podcast by her and her brother. You will laugh. You might pee. But if you are me, you are doing both anyways.

This is one of my links to the outside world that goes beyond facebook and instagram. It’s just all the hollywoodesque trash that everyone seems to know but you.

So maybe I can balance out this list with some good ole church time. The video podcast isn’t available anymore, the audio one is, but they are worth watching and listening to

There are different apps you can download to find and subscribe to podcasts, and of course the Podcast app.

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