The Top Ten of 2018

For a while, I thought these ‘top ten of the year’ posts were a little silly. But as my site has filled up with years and years of content, I have come to appreciate them. They show what you readers have loved the most. They show what brought you here and what interested you. They are like a cross-section of what you need and what I have to share.

I’m going to countdown. You know, for dramatic effect.


10. How to Bullet Journal For Moms

After a lifetime of being resistant to to-do lists and agendas, I found Bullet Journalling and BOOM! Life changed! Yes, for real. It has helped me stay organized, set some goals, manage my mom life and feel productive just by using it. This post is all about getting started without the pressure to make it perfect and picturesque.


9. What Happened When I Instagrammed My Own Life Instead of My Kids

This post is one that other women come up and talk to me about. Because, I think if we stop and really think about HOW we are using social media as moms, there are questions we face.


8. How to Hygge When It’s Cold Outside

Hygge is a Danish word with no direct English translation. It means that feeling of cozy, content, connectedness you can have in your daily life. When I found out about Hygge I let out such a big sigh, yes, this is how I want to live (I’m sure most Type 9s feel that way). Here is the post, a mega list of simple ways to Hygge in the Autumn and Winter


7. Our ‘Minimalist Family’ Home Update, A Year Later

After a year of decluttering, I expected some super dramatic before and after photos. Then I compared the photos and realized they weren’t dramatic at all. But I shared them anyway because it is real and I was still proud of us. This post is three years old, I think this home before and after is due for an update soon!


6. Wearing Clothes vs Wearing an Outfit

This post is from the series Style for the Reluctant Mom. If you have been around, you know that fashion is something I have been learning over the years. It wasn’t intuitive for me. I share the things I learned about style that I found helpful. This post is one of the most helpful tips I learned.


5. Real Reasons Why You Can’t Finish Decluttering

This post is a series of mini-conversations I had with myself while I faced items that were hard to declutter. I can say, five years in, that decluttering is as much mindset as it is action.


4. Six Types of Minimalists

When I started diving into minimalism I could see that there were many takes on it. There are many reasons why someone chooses to have less and it gives each minimalist their own approach and aesthetic to living.  This post shares my interpretation of six major reasons someone chooses minimalism


3. How a minimalist thinks

I was a bit surprised to start decluttering to realize that I was learning a whole new way of thinking. It makes sense. The way I thought all my life brought me to a cluttered, auto-pilot life. So in order to change my life, I needed to change my thoughts. This post shares six big mindsets that I think most minimalists share.


2. Hygge vs Minimalism.

I really do love this post because it blends two things I am really passionate about. When I heard about Hygge I know I could see that it was something different than minimalism yet supportive of minimalism.


1. I decluttered my home for a year and this is what I learned

The most read post this year (and ever) is I decluttered my home for a year and this is what I learned. This post was written a few years back to reflect on the things that really stuck with me from my year of going through my WHOLE HOUSE and decluttering every single drawer and closet and room.

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