The Thanksgiving Journal {Family Traditions}

It’s Thanksgiving, so I’m reposting an old post on our THANKSGIVING JOURNAL, a family tradition that we started three years ago in our family. 

A few years back my hubby and I joined my friend and her family for Thanksgiving. During dinner we went around the table and everyone said what they were thankful for in their lives. It was a real special moment with some laughs, tears and some silence. I knew I wanted to include this in my holidays.  We did a few years of this tradition but decided to change it a little. 


On the first page we write where dinner was and who was attending, then everyone writes what they are thankful for. 

After dinner when we are sitting around eating dessert we take turns reading out another person’s entries.

Writing things down makes you really commit to them, sometimes it even lets you say what you can’t out loud. 

It is a pretty special keepsake I like to thumb through before the holiday approaches. 

What Thanksgiving Traditions does your family have?

2 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Journal {Family Traditions}”

  1. That’s pretty awesome.
    We have only celebrated Thanksgiving since we moved to Canada and don’t really have any traditions associated with it yet.
    On all holiday weekends though we try to schedule as much family quality time as possible and it usually works out pretty well (better and better as the kids get older 😉 )


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