the Sunshine Award {AKA Me Answering Brooke’s & Salma’s Questions About Me}

Last month the hilarious and poignant Brooke from Miss Teen USSR nominated myself and seven other bloggers for a Sunshine Award. The sweet and classy Salma from The Write Balancehad also nominated me before this.  So I waited the honourary one to three months before responding…. cause I’m classy like that.

The Sunshine Award is “For bloggers, by bloggers. It is way to recognize people who have charmed, supported, enlightened, and inspired the awarder in recent months”. When nominated you must answer eight questions determined by the nominator. You must also nominate and dictate questions to another group of eight bloggers.
Here are the questions I was asked by Brooke.
1. What’s the one book you always freak out about and demand your friends read?
I’m not much of an authority on the subject as I had only read avidly for about three years of my adult life before kids. Now the only reading I get in is on my iphone when I’m hiding out in the bathroom. Oh come on, we all do it.
I do have a top recommendation that remains, The Glass Castle.  It is the memoir of a girl who grew up nomadic and poor because of the choices her parents made.  I always lend it out and tell myself this is the reason I haven’t re-read in years. Maybe I should just download the eBook for my phone.
2. You have $100 in your wallet. Where do you go to eat?
Anywhere but this small town I live in (unless I want to wait 53 minutes at the drive-thru window and blow it all just to go into a mama burger coma).  I’d never turn down the Melting Pot though, I mean hot savoury liquids, sweet molten chocolate and tiny nuggets of edible lust skewered on sticks!? Girl please.
3. Your choice: flying cars or hoverboards?
One says anarchy and Science Fiction to me. The other says technologically advanced teenagers with backpacks full of space-aged booze and drugs.  Both of these situations make me stress out and swat at the air in front of my face like I’m stuck in a swirling twister of electric cars. 
I think we should master the transportation options we dohave before we bring more into the picture.
4. What’s the one thing your partner does that makes DIVORCE flash behind your eyes?
I can say there has been lots of things my partner has done that made the idea of divorce feel like a tropical breeze in a cold bed. But after every issue in the book and a wad of counseling receipts I like to think we got this liking each other thing on the daily lock down.  Even though we have been through so much crap together and I know there is more to come, my marriage is the closest thing I’ll ever come to Cop Partners, and I leave no man behind. 
5. Best time of day to be productive – early morning or late at night?
Late at night, especially during the hiatuses of my life when I’m not pregnant and I get to unwind with a few glasses of something strong. Then, by 9:53 I’m pretty sure I’m Tina Fey’s long lost cousin cause girlfriend is damn witty. However, by 11:14 I’ve eaten half a bag of potato chips and 12 slices of cheese and I’m passing out on the couch like the King of Queens meets Rebel Wilson. 
6. I am of the belief that all jeans require a belt. If you agree, you may move to the next question. If you disagree, you need to make a very good argument for it.
I am a fan of belts, mostly because I have PAS(pancake ass syndrome) and I need to hold my pants up. Heck, I would even belt my underwear to keep it from sliding off my flat butt.
BUT what if there is a better way than a belt?……. What is better than belts you ask?!?
Suspenders my friend!  I have no idea why this fashion staple ever got swept under the rug because it.just.makes.sense. Instead of cinching and tugging at the waist, worrying about muffin tops, and constantly pulling at your pants, the weight of your pants is suspended evenly across your shoulders whilst leaving your midsection cinch-free! Along with PAS I also am part of the A Cup Club so the strechy suspenders nestle cozily in that soft muscle-less gap between my boobs and shoulder bones.
7. You fling your covers off the bed and there is a ____ on your pillow that makes you shriek long and hard. What is it?
The cashier from the grocery store who sucks at packing groceries.
You know the one! …..We all go to her cause she is the most pleasant and knows your kids names. But she is painfully slow.
Not to get into it, but she really is the most inefficient cashier. Even though you have sorted all your groceries onto the till by size and weight she still scans all the groceries and perches them in disorganized piles all around her. Then she hand picks from each pile and loosely fills the plastic bag with about four incompatible items. Apples, a box of cereal, dish soap, a bag of chips. And as she lifts the bag out of its holders and you regret for choosing the slowest line starts to fade she drops that bag back down into another and BOMB! Double Bags!  You leave the store with $107 worth of groceries stuffed in twenty-three double-bagged mystery sacks.  You huff at the twenty minutes of your life you just lost and vow you will go to the quick and miserable cashier next time.  But not to get into it.
8. If you have children: knowing FULL WELL that there is a HUGE chance it could go HORRIBLY wrong, if your child wants to pursue a career in show business, do you help them?
My reaction is no way no how, but this is only because the notion of fame always comes paired with being the target of scrutiny and criticism. In case the topic comes up I might make them watch the life of Lindsay Lohan unofficial biography cause that girl face tracked to failure. We could also watch  ‘Child Stars, where are they now’. Cause really…. Let’s review where our favourite 80s & 90s childhood stars are. Oh, we don’t know!? Exactly! Twenty years later they are just irrelevant and regular like us, deceased from overdose, hosting religious programming, divorced their parents or are making failed attempts at staring in reality shows.
As long as they went in educated, were self-starters and kept their clothes on and nose clean I suppose I see no reason why I couldn’t support them.
Here are my questions from Salma
1. Why did you start blogging?
To share my C-Section story. My firstborn was a CS and I had so many upsetting emotions around it, I needed to get it out and hopefully share it with someone who could relate. This is how I feel now about C-Sections…and bonding with a baby….and feeling overwhelmed as a new mom.

2. What’s your one guilty pleasure?
Eating two three-cheese mini pizzas while watching trashy TV in my stretchiest clothes.  

3. What’s your favourite movie?
I have so so many but I’ll let my Lady Nerd shine through and say the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

4. Did you like being pregnant?
No, not really. I pretty much feel like my worst possible self. The best part is the little kicks, the slow mild cramping of space widening in your body and heart, and the increase in bust size.

5. What social media platform do you like the best?
Insta-DUH! If you know me you know I love instagram. Twitter is too much reading, Facebook only links people by space and time but Instagram is all pictures and almost everyone is linked by common interests. I have made some great friends on Instagram because I found them through common hashtags, got to preview all their posts and chose if I wanted to follow them. Are you on Instagram? Let’s be Insta-Mom-Friends

6. What’s your favourite drink?
I’m going the non-pregnant route with this answer and saying an Old Fashioned. Followed closely by the elegant and voluptuous versatile glass of Red, who stands in line with my very good-looking, well-tanned man friend name Tom Collins.

7. Where is your favourite place to vacation?
Anywhere sunny. I will go any place there is an opportunity to go to.

8. What is the first thing you would do if you won a million dollars?
I can’t even process this questions, it feels overwhelming to think about. I like to think I would keep it a secret though and invest a lot, share a lot, donate a lot. That’s what I LIKE to think.

9. What’s your favourite thing about yourself?
Other than my unbearably beautiful feet it would probably be my faith, which is the source of my optimism. It is pretty hard to get me down in the dumps and when I am there I can usually wade myself through the waters and to the shore.

10. What TV series is a must watch for you right now?
I just started watching RITA on Netflix and love it. However Netflix Canada loves to lure you in with only making available a couple shows, or one measly season and leave you hanging in the lurch unable to binge watch your favourite shows.

11. How many siblings do you have?
Tiffany from Becoming Barsotti
Alexis from the Joyful Momma’s Kitchen
Tiffany from My Dirt
1. Every mother has something she is great at, something that makes her unique. What is something special that you bring to your kids as their mother?
2. What is a passion in your heart that you don’t follow because you are too scared?
3. How did you/do you know you are done having kids?
4. What was your first impression of your spouse when you first met them?
5. What have you gained (or lost) from blogging?
6. What makes you feel like a powerful woman?
7. What is one healthy habit that you have?
8. What would your ideal stagette look like?
To accept this award answer the eight questions above and nominate eight other bloggers. 

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