The Harvest of the Heart

There are things that you dream of.

But sometimes these are the things society tells you are crazy.

Instead of letting your mind wander to these dreams, you responds with a logical list of all the cons, difficulties and constraints.

You don’t dare speak of these dreams. As if committing to the words declares your agreement that these pursuits are unreasonable and reckless.

Though you finally find yourself at a sustainable pace. That calm period with breathing space you sulked for during the toughest times. You find yourself restless. People ask why would you want to change anything?

Yet your heart has a little seed planted deep in it. It roots down and anchors into your daily thoughts.

Super-imposed foliage spreading its life over top of your view of the world.

You can’t see beyond it, it becomes part of the scenery.

You don’t have to think twice, you just know what it is, it is pressing into your heart.

Whether it’s wanting another child; loving someone who seems unloveable; opening a business; chasing a wild eyed hobby you dream will grow into a career…..

You feel the urge to push beyond the clearly fenced limits. Your hands itch to break up this resting earth.

That little seed is waiting. Fruitless and dry. But full of potential.

It belongs to you. Feed it. Tend it. Own it.

We could stop when it’s easy. Or we could pick up the shovel and turn over some new sod to expand our crop, our labour, our daily responsibilities. We could make a mess but we could also reap a harvest. 

We will make mistakes but above all we will learn that we are capable of so much more than we, or others, thought.

What is a little seed planted in your heart?



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