The Great Canadian Mobile Home Reno {The First Pancake}

The Final Product

You know how the first pancake sticks to the pan or burns or takes forever to cook and you get a mucky mess? Unless you are a seasoned pro at pan temperatures and flipping (which I expect to be in the next 5-10 years) you are usually left with a barely edible blob that we in our house call ‘the first pancake’ – the rest are all good after that one.  We refer to many things as the ‘first pancake’ and this home reno we did six years ago was our biggest on yet!
My husband and I bought an old trailer on 5 acres – really we bought a tractor and this is what it came with. A mobile home on part swamp land. It was a Real Estate 101 DON’T…but we did and got  schooled in DIY for Dummies, Home Makeovers on a Budget and the Art of Staying Together During House Renovations. Thankfully we had some great Dads to come help us navigate these waters.
Here are our before and afters I wanted to share.
UPDATE: Also check out this post with some budget friendly reno tips that we learned along the way.

Honey, let’s buy this place and live here! WTF makes a woman agree? A tractor apparently!

The living room before. Yes with a courtesy chair left for us!
The living room after
Looking toward the kitchen peep hole, before
Toward the kitchen, after. Nice thing about trailers is you can pretty much knock down all the walls
The kitchen, before
The kitchen, after
The bathroom, before – you can’t buy fixtures like that anymore
The bathroom, after
The bathroom before, it was pretty much a health and safety hazard to use the tub
The bathroom, after
Hallway, before
Hallway, after

‘Master’ Sconces
Master, after – not really sure what to do with those lights

Master, before
Master, after
Laundry Room, before
Laundry Room, after
Two VERY small bedrooms

With two VERY small closets
Took down the wall between the two

Made one big spare room
No Mobile Home reno is complete without an addition! Built on this addition with a dining room….
…and entrance with wood stove

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