The Great 80s Reno {Painting the Red Brick Fireplace}

Many of us small town Canadians have these red brick fireplaces from the original home construction in the 1970s and 80s.
This is what you have….


This is what you want…..


This seems like a great happy medium for a remodel…..


But once we look into it all you understand why this is the popular option (it's cheaper, easier and hopefully quicker)…..


So the aforementioned seemed like the winning choice for our 1980s red brick fireplace remodel.  I love white brick fireplaces but my husband doesn't – so this was our compromise and I love it!
Here is our before and after:

Here were the steps to take us there:

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9 thoughts on “The Great 80s Reno {Painting the Red Brick Fireplace}”

  1. i’d love to have a fireplace too in our house if only it won’t be of no use in this tropical country. yours is such a beauty!!

    • Oh Marsy, I envy you being able to live in a place where fireplaces are useless! Since we are in Canada though, I’ll enjoy being able to snuggle up in front of the fire!

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