The Good (Enough) Mom

It’s that day I realize I am a hot mess of fuzzy socks, stained shirts, dry shampoo and coffee.  All those things I said I would ‘never do’ as a parent are drop-kicking my humble ass.

The anxiety and pressure comes out of the shadows and points a menacing finger in my face…

This is my Mom Guilt word cloud, around all the things making me anxious and feeling inadequate. It was kind of like therapy to make this – and I almost felt I could start letting these expectations go once I wrote them down. 


It comes to a halt when I’m scarfing down my gluten-free waffles so I can feed a crying (reflux) baby and my husband says ‘I miss you’…. and after my defensiveness wears off I wonder if it’s too late because I can’t remember who I was before all this panic took me hostage.

He says ‘You used to be able to accept things when they were hard…’ When did I let feelings of failure take the place of contentment? Simple things are wearing me down: messy floors, dirty dishes, crying baby, restless toddler, all those things I’m NOT doing because that’s not real life right now. Real life looks a bit more like this….





Husband is right. I should be able to accept this stage of life.

I can’t be everything I want to be, but I can everything my family needs me to be.

So I might be having a glass of wine with lunch, making frozen dinners and living in my PJs til noon. 

I might not be what my version of a ‘good mom’ was, but I will be good enough for the people who need me right now. 



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