136. How to do better, next summer (PROMPT episode)

How did your summer go? Anything you wish you that you did more of or less of?

Today I have a PROMPT episode for you – where I will prompt you through some helpful questions that I hope will help you live more intentionally.  Specifically, having a summer on PURPOSE. So let’s take a minute to stop and reflect on the ways you want to improve next summer by noting what you learned from THIS summer. 

I share a bit of my story about



The power of a prompt

  • You take the time to slow down and access your PFC (prefrontal cortex), the part of your brain associated with long term planning and rational decision making
  • You ask your brain a really good question
  • You tap into the answers that are there within you, rather than looking for external solutions and ideas 


The power of an evaluation 

  • You use what you have learned recently to make your life better (before you forget all the good things you learned!)
  • You give this information a home, so you can come back to it later when you need it
  • You are improving things little by little

How to use an evaluation

I use evaluations for special trips and holidays. This is why I added it to the Simple Christmas Planner. 

I keep notes on what worked and what improvements can be made. I save them all in a google doc so I can search for them when the holiday season is back again. 

You can also put reminders in your calendar that pop up before the season and link them to your evaluation notes (whether in a doc, notes app, or right in the calendar reminder)

The summer evaluation

Let’s reflect on this summer and consider what you have learned from it that you can bring into next summer. 

  1. What was great about this summer? (What do you want to do again, what did you love, what was helpful, what mindsets were empowering?)
  2. What do you want to do differently next year? (What do you want more of/less of, what to plan/prepare, what do you want to try that you didn’t this year, mindsets to remember)


Make sure to set a reminder in your calendar to check your evaluation before break starts again next year! And there you go >> You used your past to make your future better

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