My Style Challenge Goal for the #moms30for30 + Week One Outfits


A couple times a year I co-host a challenge with Raj from Pink Chai Living.

It is called the #moms30for30 and the challenge is to wear 30 items of clothes for 30 days.  I do the challenge time and time again because I always learn something.


I often learn that I DO have enough clothes.  I get to ‘interview’ my clothes to see what I can let go of. I also learn more about the style I want to have (because outfit selfies actually teach you a lot).

A trend I am noticing with each challenge is that I RELEARN these lessons all over again. Not because I am a painfully slow learner, but I think it is because contentment and confidence around style is something I am constantly working on.


me and my 30 picks for the challenge


I am one week into this challenge and my biggest hurdle right now is the time it is taking in the mornings.

I end up trying a few combinations before settling on something I like. My bed ends up covered in clothes and I am scarfing my eggs down as we head out the door. (I know I *could* solve this by walking up earlier, but I will just make my life tougher for the sake of more sleep, not sorry).  The thing is, I know this is the upfront effort of putting together outfits. I am doing thelegworkk and after this month I can just remember the combos I liked best and have ‘go-to’ outfits for the rest of winter.



In the past, I’ve had to establish my personal goal for the challenge.

Sometimes it was to simply get dressed each day.

Sometimes it was to make more creative outfits with what I have instead of wearing the same rotation of clothes.

Sometimes it was to focus on learning more about the style I like best.

Sometimes it was to find more contentment with my closet and instead of going shopping for more, shopping my closet instead.

This time around I’ve been thinking about what I want my goal to be. So, I’ve picked some pieces in my 30 items that never get much action in my closet, or new ones I’ve added from the thrift store. My goal this time will be to find ways to style the items I don’t often wear. I want to try and style them into my current wardrobe and life and see if they are a fit.

We like to say ‘one in, one out’ but we don’t often do that with our closet. I think a big hurdle in closet management is letting GO of what doesn’t work, and finding out what doesn’t work takes some effort.

The result is letting go of these items which shouldn’t have real estate in your closet and kicking them out of your morning routine where they emotionally harassing you for not wearing them.



So, here is the first week of outfits. I didn’t include my sweatpants day 🙂

moms30for30 winter



I am doing this challenge with a handful of other women. You can find updates from us on Instagram by following #moms30for30. Feel free to join in at anytime and share your own outfits using the hashtag!





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