7. Decluttering ‘identity’ items, Getting Comfortable with Discomfort, Family Meetings.

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I’m sharing something I recently decluttered. I had to have a real talk with myself on why I was holding onto it and never making use of it.  I had to have a real talk with myself about letting go this ‘identity’ I wanted to have by owning this item. I need to USE it to have the identity.

And it is hard, it is hard to get real with yourself. But it is also freeing.

It frees up physical space and it frees up the mental burden that you ‘still haven’t done that craft’ ‘still haven’t worn that dress’ ‘still haven’t found a spot for that art you don’t really love’.

So, if you are sitting quietly having a real lady chat with yourself, what is something you have been holding on to but never use/wear/do? What are you ready to let go of?

Email me and let me know!


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I laid out some heavy stuff on the blog this week. . . . getting comfortable with discomfort.

I’ve been spending the past year leaning into this and it has been life changing. The biggest change is how it lets me show up as a parent. Because parenting is one of the most frustrating and overwhelming roles I’ve ever been in. And it is every day. And I wasn’t coping well.  Read the post here [Getting Comfortable with Discomfort]

If you are interested in life coaching on this, stop by here and click apply. 

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We brought team meetings/family meetings into our life over a year ago. I’m sharing how we run them and what the outcomes have been. (Read more here)



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