5. Simplifying Christmas, from one mom to another (Part 1)

a simple Christmas series part 1: finding your simple Christmas and 5 tips to help you make it simpler

Welcome to a special episode of Simple Saturdays, part 1 in the Simple Christmas series

A Simple Christmas is a series I have had on the blog for a few years and I wanted to offer it in podcast form as well.

It is about a dozen posts all about ways to make your Christmas more simple, from the practical to the mental preparations.


In this episode I share:

Finding Your Simple Christmas – writing these two lists, paying attention to what they tell you and building it into a personal Christmas motto

5 Tips to Make Christmas Simpler – tips to make any event more simple in terms of mentally preparing for what you want to happen, how to show up and how to just enjoy the Christmas that IS instead of stressing over the Christmas ideals that aren’t happening.




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