39. Coaching Session with Adeline on Kitchen Clutter.

How to handle a cluttered kitchen, starting with addressing your mindsets


The Facebook community voted on the BIRTHDAY EPISODE for the podcast. They chose a coaching call. So I asked the group for a volunteer to do a coaching call for the podcast and Adeline offered to participate. So, thank you Adeline!

I often coach on different subjects more related to motherhood, work, personal growth, relationships, etc so this call was something fun for me as it focussed mainly on decluttering. 

But as you will hear, it wasn’t JUST DECLUTTERING. It always comes back to your THOUGHTS and mindsets about it! And I can really pick up on the scarcity and abundance mindsets at play here (see more about that in these Instagram stories)


What you will hear in this coaching call:how to handle kitchen clutter starting with mindset


The kitchen feels disorganized and there is clutter on the counters. Every day it needs to be cleaned, it feels defeating.

It is a big source of stress when she thinks about it in the morning. It is a source of stress to spend the end of the day cleaning it when you feel done with the day. 

The kitchen is used for her home use and her Montessori school where she teaches 6 children. 



  • What her vision would be for her kitchen 
  • The challenges of keeping a clutter-free, clean kitchen when it is used so often for so many uses
  • How her mindset affects how she feels about her kitchen (what is the story she is telling herself about the state of her kitchen)
  • Being motivated by negative emotions (hustling, rushing) when you are judging and shaming yourself. VS being motivated by positive emotions (taking your time, practising gratitude) when you are tapping into WHY this matters to you and why you want it
  • Honouring what she IS building (a business, a school, a community) and knowing this will be hard and uncomfortable at times
  • Assuming what others think about her kitchen because it is rooted in her own judgements of herself rather than actually knowing what they think 
  • Shifting her mindsets WHEN her kitchen is cluttered or untidy
  • Taking small steps to refine the space, how it is used, and how it is maintained
  • Measuring the success of her day in how much everyone learned rather than the dishes on the counter


14:30 – The mindsets she experiences when her kitchen is cluttered and how it makes her feel

20:50 – How her kitchen usage has changed over the years – now she has a clash on how it was used (simple, low usage) to how it is now (many uses, frequent usage)

25:00 – Assumptions on what others think about her kitchen and how we judge others by our own struggles/standards

26:22  – How the story we tell ourselves about what our house says about us can cause us feelings of stress and we act out from that place of stress

26:40 – Being led/motivated from the beautiful positive things that she is working towards vs being motivated from that place of shame, guilt and frustration

32: 15 – When building into a vision (for business or home) and it feels defeating, we need to remember WHY we are doing it – even when it is uncomfortable and hard and needs lots of small steps to ‘get there’

33:30 – Setting up an action step of setting her mindset in the morning before she starts her day, so she can start things on a positive note

34: 35 – Deciding how she will show up when it IS cluttered (because it will be cluttered from time to time)

35:50 – Shifting the focus on the stress and mess, to the beautiful things that happened in the making of the mess

38:38 – Shaming ourselves for having ‘clutter’ prevents us from showing up well for our life

39:35 – Adeline brainstorms strategies to address the problem, and you can hear the shift in her approach to problem-solving (compared with the beginning of the call). She is so much more peaceful, hopeful and open. 

41:59 – She shares how she will shift her definition of what a successful day looks like (in the past it was measured by how cluttered her kitchen felt)

45:26 – Adeline shares her main takeaways from the call

49:13 – My call recap and an update from Adeline (a week later)


I hope you enjoyed this coaching call and maybe found a small takeaway for yourself too. 

This is generally the way I do all my life coaching, though I would say this call was more conversational than directed – also, with my program clients, we have at least four sessions together so we take more time to dig into things and explore other issues. 


If you are interested in life coaching, I have a 4-session program available. You can apply here.  



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