28. How to plan your summer on purpose, family rhythms we have and how to set ones you love.

Part of the reason I’m planning my summer on purpose is I’m working on my efforts to ENJOY MY KIDS. And when there is a season change I know I need to take a hot minute and plan out a structure that makes sure fun is happening without me feeling overwhelmed or behind the ball.

Ready to plan your summer on purpose?

In this episode I’m sharing about the family rhythms we have in our house on a daily and weekly basis. I also have a worksheet for you! It will help you set rhythms for your family that are effective, fun and working towards the values and vision you have for your family.

Simple Life | How to Plan Your Summer on Purpose

My summer master plan is titled: “How To Summer With Kids and Enjoy This Time So You Aren’t Googling ‘How to petition for year-round school‘ After Two Weeks of Picking Up Popsicle Wrappers and Refereeing Sprinkler Fights.”

Here’s how I will put it into action without feeling like an understaffed kid’s camp director.

  1. Get my kids’ input.If it was up to me we would sit on the deck eating nachos and reading novels all summer—but I want them to have a summer they are excited about too. So we have been talking lots about what they want to do and I’ve been adding it to a big list of ideas.
  2. Then I’m gonna plan out the big things I know are happening.This includes: swim lessons, the time at Grandmas, and the big events and outings we have planned with my bestie or with Conor when he’s off work.
  3. Then I have random chunks of days left.What I’m going to try is to theme my days. I’m gonna probably have a craft day, library day, science day, hike day, a nothing day, and a food day where they get to think of something to make and we buy the stuff for it. So if I’m looking at my calendar, I know we are gonna do maybe 5-8 science experiments. I’ll pick some and the kids will pick some and I’ll get the stuff for it.

Simple Family | Family Rhythm

Family rhythm is in the things you find yourselves doing each week; the routines, the activities, the rituals—all those things that now happen out of habit as a way of getting things done, or having fun, or unwinding.

They are actually quite important to a family and to your kids. They provide consistency, comfort, belonging, expectations and a flow of getting things done. The things we do most often are what matter the most.

(Side note: did you know this is how you spell rhythm? I’ve been spelling it rhythym my whole adult life!)

Free Coaching on Decluttering

I am working on a course to take you through the evaluation, planning and doing to RECLAIM YOUR HOME.

I thought it would be so beneficial to add in some real coaching calls from people who are struggling with simplifying their space. So, I want to ask for volunteers of people who are willing to do a (free) 45 minute coaching call on these topics:

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  3. And someone who is DONE decluttering and ready for the next steps to simplify their life

I will accept a couple volunteers for each of these categories. The calls will be over SKYPE and will be recorded as part of course training material. You can remain anonymous and use a fake and fabulous made up name if you like.


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