24. Why minimalism changes lives, life coach advice on uncomfortable change, eye brows matter

WHY does everyone say that minimalism changed their lives?

A reader’s story with decluttering and making space for the life that matters

Eyebrows matter and simple makeup tips to help you

Life coaching advice on uncomfortable change in our lives (health, decluttering, marriage, etc). 



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Why minimalism works at changing your life

For all the talk we give to minimalism, it must make you wonder what the big deal is. Why do people rave about it and want to start blogs and podcasts all about? The reason you will often hear that it has changed their lives.

I couldn’t agree more.

But (in true over-thinker fashion) I started to ask WHY.

Why does minimalism change our lives?


Six Types of Minimalists

Read the blog post for WHY minimalism works at changing your life.

Reader’s story on making space for the life that matters (by Leisell)


(And if you have a story you want to share, email me and let’s talk!)



Eyebrows matter 



Style Tips for the reluctant mom

Grave’s disease (autoimmune thyroid condition)

Brow School (by Maskcara)

Natural filler (a simple way to fill with brown powder)

The IT eyebrow pencil (my fave, it lasts forever – unless you drop it – and it stays on when you swim)

The Sephora brow powder (it’s a good price and gives you a natural look)



Choose your discomfort 

(read the transcribed post here)


How to really show up for your life

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