22. Mindsets for Tired Moms, A Quick Way to Simplify Your Life, the Currently List.

How I handled the lack of sleep with three kids under 4, a quick way to simplify your life, and a fun list of current things I’m loving and trying. 


++ simple family ++

When I was two babies in, sleep became such a focus for me. Of course, we were dealing with marriage issues and I was struggling to find value in my motherhood – so sleep seemed like the most appropriate thing to fixate on. I was tired all the time, I felt like I was failing at parenting, and I didn’t know how to solve these negative feelings

There was something I learned by the time Dawson came along, three babies in, that I want to share to any mom in this stage.

links mentioned:

Mom Martyr

The Sweet Sleep Facebook Live

Mindsets for Tired Moms

(and if you are very tired, seriously check out the Sweet Sleep Parenting Facebook group by my Sierra of Sweet Sleep Consulting).


++ simple life ++

One of the quickest ways you can simplify ANY AREA of your life is to give yourself fewer choices.

Related book: The Paradox of Choice

So take any area of your life and give yourself fewer choices to make. Here are a few ways to try it out:

Less clothes

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Less food

Less toys

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Less activity

Read the full post on areas of your life you can simplify with fewer choices, click here


++ the currently list ++


This Quinoa Thai Peanut Salad for lunch. I was having a few gluten free weeks to see if it helped some health issues, so I made this to have on hand for lunches


The jumping juniper shampoo bar by LUSH. It was discontinued and brought back again.

I love it because it is zero waste AND it helps me stretch my hair washing (I wash my hair about twice a week, read more here)


Run Hide Repeat. A bestie recommended this book. Then I heard this authour on CBC talk about how her mom was really secretive and they moved around a lot. Then as an adult her mom and her childhood Pastor told her they were being hunted by the Mafia all these years. As she gets brought into this new secret she realizes it could all be a lie. It is GOOD (and Canadian!)


The Q&A A Day book. My SIL gave this to us, just in time for us to finish our 5 year One Line A Day book. We bring it out and ask a question at dinner. The kids love it and it brings up some interesting conversation.


the Abide App. This is a Christian meditation app. I am confused by what meditation means, but I’m seeing it means quieting your mind and just being open to what God wants to share with you. This app guides you through some really great questions to meditate on and it really helps keep you in the moment.


My love of being outside. I went to college for Environmental Planning and we were outside EVERY DAY! I forgot how much I loved it all and hope to do more hikes with my bestie and the kids.


++ May on Purpose ++

MAY 1st! Be on Instagram and join in for the Instagram photo a day #MayOnPurpose. The prompts are right here.

It is such a great way to get real purposeful about how you use social media, and it gives me a chance to see what my Simple Saturday friends are up to and have these conversations with you on Instagram.


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