21. Parenting books that changed my mothering, your future self, #MayOnPurpose Instagram challenge.

Three parenting books and why I loved them, how to support your “future self” (a lesson from your nerdy life coach (me!)), connect with me on Instagram in the Photo a Day challenge


++ simple family ++

My parenting has been all over the map in my humble 8 years of doing it. I have failed and learned and when I got the hang of something, things would change.

I am far from a parenting expert, but as I have relied on other moms to do with me, I will take the opportunity to share what has worked for me in my mothering journey. I’m sharing THREE BOOKS THAT CHANGED MY MOTHERING right here. 

My highlights:


Raising Big-Picture Kids

(see it here)

This book helps me say yes to the opportunities my kids have to practice who they are and how they show up in the world. 

We all have that little creative and curious voice inside – we all have probably shut it down over time. I know I shut it down in childhood and then in high school looked to others to be that voice. Then I became and adult and worked hard to unearth that voice and tune my ears to listen closer to my own heart. 


(by John Gottman! Find it here)

This one was so impactful for me that I wrote a whole blog post about it. It transformed a relationship with one of my kids – You can read it here.

This book showed me how I was disciplining, dismissing or avoiding my kid’s negative emotions and ways I could actually get closer to them and help coach them through these emotions and process them in healthier ways. 

 — read three books that changed my mothering right here


++ simple life ++

I told my life coaching client the same thing I needed to hear, “your future self has whatever you give her today”. She doesn’t have some magical wisdom or quick fix or grand inheritance that suddenly made life what you dreamed of. She has the hard work you put in now.

Listen to how I approached this in motherhood with three small kids. 


++ simple community ++

I will be hosting a photo a day challenge on Instagram for the month of MAY. Will you join me? Click here to view and get a copy of the photo prompts.






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