19. Tips to get stuff done, when goals don’t work, recently decluttered (with kids).

Productivity and practical tips for moms, decluttering with kids, when goals and habits don’t work



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++ recently decluttered ++

Continual decluttering is part of our life around here.  We may not always purge a lot, but we do get rid of what isn’t needed, take an inventory of what is there and organize things (which means we put them back in their proper homes.)

These past couple weeks I decluttered . . .

My daughter’s room.

Usually the kids clean their rooms on Saturdays. But her room felt like it needed extra help, which she always asks for. So helped her work through a mountain of stuff in her bedroom. 

I view it as practice for her to learn how to declutter. She wants to keep everything, but with practice she is able to let go of more things each time we do this.


My bathroom ensuite

Anyone who has a private ensuite off their bedroom knows that this is the inner sanctum. You don’t enter another woman’s ensuite unless you have been present while she gave birth or are on the same cycle. Cause what happens in an ensuite? Everything and nothing. It is where everything happens to get ready for the day and then it is forgotten about. Covered in a layer of hair products and q-tips.

I understand I might be alone on having an ensuite I never get around to cleaning. But I did this week!

And I added a tray to hold all the little lotions that I think will delay wrinkles (they don’t). It feels more put together with a simple tray here. And it keeps me from bringing more stuff onto the counter. It won’t fit in the tray.


++ simple home ++

Let’s talk about all the chores, errands, tasks that we moms want to get done in our day. . . . Now let’s talk about how it feels when we sit on our favourite dent in the couch and turn on the Food Network right after lunch.

Yeah, getting stuff done is hard! BUT we know it is so important for us to feel like we have been productive. As moms we want to know we are effective at the job before us. We also know it is important to have the results of errands that are completed and home that feels clear and clean.

I’ve tried tricks to getting stuff done: calendar alerts, detailed time table, mega to-do lists. They didn’t work for me, but these tips I’m sharing have worked for me.

There are 15 practical tips I have in this new blog post . On the podcast I’m sharing my favourites and how it works with kids around.


++ simple life ++

Knowing your life vision is something I am so passionate about. If you watched the Values and Vision workshop, or have the Life on Purpose workbook – you know that the power in knowing your vision is that you have a destination, something you are working towards.

So often we want to take some action in our life so set some goals and try to change habits, and they don’t work. We weren’t really invested in them, or we fizzle out, or we finish them and still feel unsatisfied about our life. We have been really productive, on the wrong things or in the wrong ways.

Check out this recent post where I talk about how our productivity needs a purpose.

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Here are a couple of fun things I’ve been working on:

The Q&A podcast episode

I asked you to send me your questions and I will start working through them. Stay tuned for a bonus podcast episode (on April 6th) where I will talk about

— Creating space in a packed schedule 

— Decluttering kids’ stuff 

— Starting a capsule wardrobe 

— How to add family meetings into your family 

— How to start being creative without it being a chore

If you have a Q I can A, please hit reply to this email and send it my way!

The Sweet Sleep Facebook Live

What would your life be like if your kids slept better? Maybe you don’t even want to ask this question because sleep is overwhelming, you have tried sleep training and it didn’t work, or you just assume that kids have crappy sleeps and we all are at the mercy of that. Fellow BC mama, Sierra from Sweet Sleep Consulting has some help for you.

I’m going to be interviewing her on the Simple on Purpose Facebook page, live April 10th at 1:15pm (PST). 

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