16. When did I stop enjoying my kids? Knowing your vision and values. The best waffles ever.

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++ simple heart ++

Over a year ago I realized that I had come to a place in my daily life where I constantly thought about getting a break for my kids. I was struck with this shameful realization that I stopped enjoying my kids and being a mother. This past year I had one goal in parenting, to focus on enjoying my kids. 

I shared my story with what that looked like and what I learned from it.

It is a long post (read it here), so I can’t cover it all in the podcast episode. Three big takeaways are 

1/ We find what we are looking for. When all I looked for was a break, that was the problem my brain wanted to solve. I needed to give my brain a new problem to solve, one that empowered me. 

2/ I am more fun than I thought. Through enjoying my kids, I am enjoying my life more because I am having more fun in my daily life

3/ This is a daily practice. I still struggle with and new problems come up that I need to work through, but I am practicing the only thing I can. The only thing I actually do have control over –  how I show up. And to make changes in how I show up, it takes practice. 


++ simple life ++

In light of this real talk about my struggles in mothering, one thing that shone through all that for me was that I wasn’t parenting in line with the values I had for myself as a mom. And this brings me to the importance of knowing your vision and your values. Not just in parenting but in all areas of your life.

Your values are those core beliefs and ways of being in the world that you know are a part of your identity. When you don’t live in line with your values you feel frustration and a tension. You feel like there is something you SHOULD be doing but you can’t quite get there. 

Your vision for your life is what you hope for and knowing it makes all the difference in making it happen. If you never stop to set a vision, you have never stopped to set a destination for your journey. You are probably just resorting to auto-pilot and living your life REACTIVELY instead of PROACTIVELY.  

It will be hard, maybe impossible, to live the life you crave – to live your life ON PURPOSE – if you never stop to identify your values and vision. 

This is something the Life on Purpose workbook walks you through in detail – but I want to give you a chance to learn more and get started in your own life. I’m holding a free online workshop on March 13th at 1:15pm (PST). 

The workshop will cover personal values, life vision (for the nine areas of your life) and limiting mindsets.  You will be able to follow along in the Life on Purpose workbook, or with the worksheet I will be providing you.

To RSVP for the workshop enter your info here.


++ simple food ++

I waffle a lot. For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, for road trips.

These are my fave gluten and dairy free ones:

Quinoa flour waffles. Oatmeal Waffles. 

Thank you to Taco Katie for introducing me to my new favourite waffle recipe. 


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