15. Intentional Living (what I’ve learned), Mom Retreats (mom office hours), Food Uniforms.

What I have learned about intentional living, why moms need office hours and how a mom’s retreat can help, eating the same food every day – the Food Uniform – and a great dinner idea.



++ simple heart ++

What is intentional living? Simply put, it is living your life ON PURPOSE.  I break it down like this:

  1. Knowing what is important to you (your values, your vision, your priorities)
  2. Making choices inline with what is important to you (how you spend your money, your time, your resources, how you use your space)
  3. And beyond knowing what you want and making choices in how you live, it also means making choices in how you show up.  (the hard work)

We started out with Intentional Parenting (it was hard) and it grew into Intentional Living (LIFE ON PURPOSE). 


  1. I am not a victim of my life
  2. It doesn’t come naturally
  3. It changes and grows
  4. It is a daily practice
  5. It is empowering

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++ simple life ++

I propose that running a home is also like running a business. There is an ‘admin’ side to home management (the people, the supplies, the errands, the appointments, the bills, etc.) When do you have Mom Office Hours? 

Maybe a mom retreat is a great time for you to take care of the to-do list. Read more about my recent mom/work retreat and some tips for planning yours. 


++ simple food ++

We have turned to using the ‘Food Uniform’ – the same thing every meal. Breakfast and Lunch are brainless for me because they are always the same. 

Dinner recently: yam, kale and sausage hash with THESE mega easy sourcream chocolate chip scones


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