14. Currently decluttering, tips to plan your day, date your friends, a vision for the bedroom means decluttering.

Spaces I decluttered this week, tips to plan your day, plan a friend date, decluttering our bedroom to work towards our home vision


In the email newsletter, I shared some pics of my decluttered sweater collection. Anytime you think you don’t have enough of something – take an inventory (says the woman who thought she didn’t have ‘enough’ sweaters).



If you are an Enneagram Type 9, like me, you probably just planned along with whatever everyone else had planned.  Then I had two small kids at home and found if I could plan my day it would make my life easier.

Planning your day can help you feel more proactive and relaxed. Plan your day, change your life. 

And this is how we plan together when Conor has the week off work.

A list of fun things to do with your kiddos.

Enjoying your downtime without feeling like you are a lazy mom 

Tips to plan your day:

Brain dump

Putting goals into action (setting a weekly focus)

Have running lists (meal planning book)



I feel that friendship is like a marriage, you fall in and out of love and you need to put the work in it to keep that love alive! My case for dating your friends.



What are things in your home that are a toleration? (blog post and worksheets here)

We used the Life on Purpose workbook and set out some vision for our home.  Our bedroom is a space we have a vision for and we can take steps to work towards that!

In the email newsletter, you will see photos of the decluttered dresser. It can be very empowering to make progress towards the vision you have for a space.



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