12. New Year’s meh, manage overspending, the top ten of 2018. Episode 12

Are you feeling MEH about the New Year? The top strategy we found to help us prevent overspending. The top ten posts of 2018. An update on the Life on Purpose Workbook



++ simple life ++

Are you starting the New Year feeling totally MEH? There can be a lot of pressure to have your resolutions and goals all sorted before Jan 1st is over, but I want to remind you that you can start slow!

If you are like me, and starting your New Year with a fizzle, I encourage you to take it slow, and I have a tip for you to prepare for when you are ready to put a plan into place for living your LIFE ON PURPOSE


++ simple finances ++

We have tried apps, mottos, strategies to be better at managing our money. Not that we are frivolous or reckless with our money, but the little things add up and we find ourselves regularly overspending.

Two things that have helped us the most:

1. Tracking our spending, and

2. This approach from Fun Cheap or Free  (her video is below). In the podcast, I tell you exactly why it works so well for us!

++ top ten of 2018 ++

I love to reflect on what guys read the most this past year. Here is the top ten post of the year!

The top three were (3) How a Minimalist Thinks (2) Hygge vs Minimalism and (1) I Decluttered My Home For A Year, This Is What I Learned


++ the life on purpose workbook ++

Stay tuned to the email list (subscribe below) for sneak peeks and updates on when this bad boy will be available! It is jam-packed with a lot of big ideas to tackle and help you identify, organize and plan the life you want to live!


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