10. Minimalist Christmas, Time Management and Decluttering for Christmas.

How to move towards a more minimalist Christmas, a great resource for time management advice and decluttering to prepare for Christmas

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I was recently interviewed for info on having a minimalist Christmas with my fave station: the CBC. Click here to listen, go to 1 hour and 49 minutes.

I have so much more to say on what is a minimalist Christmas and you can get started. You can read the full blog post about a minimalist Christmas right here [What is a Minimalist Christmas and how to get started]


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In Life Coaching, we often touch on time management in the lives of moms. I loved everything that Alison had to say in this episode of Awesome with Alison

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I’ve been decluttering some places to prepare for Christmas. In the last Simple Saturday, I told you about the baking cupboard (and how I link it to ‘identity clutter’). I’ve also shared some photos of the pantry with you in the Simple Saturday email.

Decluttering for Christmas is helping me do an inventory of what we DO have and make better shopping lists for food, crafts, gifts, etc.  Decluttering the decorations is also helping me learn more about what I want my Christmas aesthetic to be.

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