1. What is Simple Saturdays by Simple on Purpose.

Simple Saturdays is a bi-weekly email newsletter that many of you lovely readers subscribe to. It is full of little tips, encouragement and insights into making minimalism and purposeful living work for you.

Now I am offering the Simple Saturday newsletter in podcast form as well because I’m nerdy like that.

In this first episode, I share with you how I got started blogging, my journey into minimalism, how it brought me to ‘life on purpose’ and what that looks like on a daily basis for me.

Things mentioned in this episode:

My C-Section story

The Joy of Less by Francine Jay

Growing up with clutter

Things that hold us back from letting go of our stuff

On realizing how complacent I’ve been, living on auto-pilot

Tricking my husband into a vision setting session

The email with the values worksheet


If you want to stick around the podcast, I suggest you subscribe to the podcast (so the podcast player knows I exist for people) Simple Saturdays newsletter below so you don’t miss any episodes and keep all the show links handy



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