Sneaky Mom Tricks {#AVENTmomsCA}

Maybe you have a baby who sleeps as soundly as a dad of three does when all three kids are awake at 2am.

Maybe you have a kid like mine who can hear your very loud thought process that, ‘hmmm, everyone is sleeping, I should have a shower’. To which they wake up because you obviously would rather hang out with them than carry out overdue personal hygiene.

So maybe you learn some sneaky mom tricks…..

Anyone keep a stash of Halloween treats in your ensuite to snack on in privacy? I’m asking for a friend. 

Or have you taken your popper to pop popcorn out on the porch five minutes after bedtime? I mean, Mama needs her popcorn and movie, kid-free, thank you very much!

Can you ninja-close each door in your house in the quietest manner humanly possible and avoid all the creaks in the hallway? 

Because sleeping children are little baby angels and my nightly goal is to get them to sleep and keep them sleeping. 

So then comes the first night my baby sleeps through a feeding and I wake up to the sensation of two bags of sand and nails strapped to my chest. Last thing I want to do is fire up the ole Double-Barrelled-Bessie-Milking-Machine. 

Sneaky moms find a manual pump and keep it beside the bed. It can be operated in the dark, in the comfort of my bed bed, in almost complete silence. I also prefer manual pumps because a) I feel less like I’m being ‘milked’ and b) I have more control over the let down and pumping. 

I’ve tried a few pumps and have really loved this one from Phillips AVENT.

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  • It’s small and light and can fit in my purse. Like for those girl’s days out where I have to excuse myself for a glamorous pumping session in the mall bathroom. 
  • I have walked around my house helping toddlers get dressed for school, while pumping. I didn’t have to sit still and lean forward like with some other pumps. 
  • I didn’t have to try different sized attachments for the right fit. The soft cushion moulded nicely onto my ever-changing bosom
  • I could pump, put the bottle top on and put the milk in the fridge for Dad to use later in the bottle warmer (the whole AVENT system is inter-compatible, is that a word? probably not, but it is a useful feature when buying baby products)
  • It all fits nicely in a pot to boil between uses because it is small and has only a few parts

I also liked the pre-sterilized AVENT breastmilk bags. They don’t tip when you fill then with milk. They have a double zippered closure and are well lined to resist tears or rips. 


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