Small Town Style: No Crocs Allowed!

During my midnight feedings I’ve taken to reading random things on the Internet – you know recipes, cat trivia, song lyrics (if you saw my google history and still wanted to be my friend you may be unbalanced). Well lately I got to reading about closet organization, which led to wardrobes, which led to handful of witty and adorable style bloggers. It got me inspired.

But not all of those styles I’m loving will work for a mom of small kiddos -or within the limits of a small town.

I live in a small town where entire families wear pajamas to the grocery store in town. If someone is out wearing heels they have just attended a wedding or ‘they ain’t from around here’. Yup form takes a back seat to function here.

Either way I feel moved. I want to take this post pregnancy bod and this dysfunctional wardrobe and revamp to a make it useable in this small town. I also want to step out of my mom jeans and
cardigan covered comfort zone and sport those looks I wish I could. Yeah I’m a stay at home mom but I’m 93% sure I can rock something cute and totally me even if it’s covered in blueberries, mystery goo and grass stains!


I’m going to gradually (and sporadically) share some posts with you wonderful women on my journey to find some mom style – yeah it’s kinda weird and a little embarrassing to put this all out there – but after all l want to become a bolder person.

I don’t want to become the mom in the cleaning commercial with khakis, a boxy pastel button up and a sensible haircut (right Rachel :))!

When you look good you feel good and you are putting clothes on anyways each day – might as well choose some flattering ones that make you feel like you could run into your ex and his crazy pants girlfriend and walk away thinking ‘you coulda had this’!

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3 thoughts on “Small Town Style: No Crocs Allowed!”

  1. LOL. I hate it when people wear pyjamas to the grocery store. I often wonder if they are wearing what they slept in, or if they actually put on new pyjamas in the morning. If you really want to go to the grocery store wearing what you slept in, then I say, just sleep in yoga pants and keep on wearing them- no one will know the difference!


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