30. What simple living really comes down to (PART 1 of Simple Your Life Series)

Today’s episode is part one of four about what simple living comes down to. It’s a series about why we don’t have a simple life, how to determine what simple looks like to you and how to get started. By the way, I’m summarizing my post What Simple Living Really Comes Down To so if you want to dig into the details make sure to head over there once you’re finished listening.

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What Simple Living Comes Down To

When you hear the term “a simple life,” what springs to mind?

I want to dig into WHAT IS simple living and how to know where your life is simple and where it isn’t.

And, by the way, this isn’t all about moving the country, homeschooling and raising chickens.

When you hear the term “a simple life” do you imagine a mom hanging laundry on the line and making homemade dinners foraged from her garden while her children read to each other in their screen-free home?

This might be an ideal simple life to some, but let’s just bust that myth right now. That’s not simple for everyone and YOU get to decide what simple is.

What Would Make Your Life Simpler?

Pay attention to how you answer this. Simple living comes down to is this one thing: How we manage our resources.


  • Time (your daily schedule, your family calendar, extracurricular activities, commitments, downtime, how do you TRULY spend your time?)
  • Space (in your home, in your yard, in your cupboards, how is your space used?)
  • Money (your regular household budget)
  • Emotional energy (stressors, coping skills, mindfulness, self-awareness, relationships with others, relationship with yourself)
  • Physical energy (running errands, driving people around, exercise, chores, social engagements, how do you fuel your body and how do you use your body?)

Resources are those things we only have so much of. They are those things that are also the currency of our daily lives. They allow us to show up, and be, and do.

What we crave is called “simple” but really it means we get to USE OUR RESOURCES in the ways we DESIRE TO LIVE.

Simple living means removing the distractions and drains of our resources so we apply our resources to the life we truly want.

why are we mismanaging our resources?

So we can probably all see ways we that we are mismanaging our resources and left with not enough to live the life we want to live. I think there are a few reasons that lead up to this:

  • We don’t see we ARE in control of our lives and our resources
  • We aren’t listening to ourselves about what we want in life
  • We don’t really know how to get what we want

In the coming weeks, we will dig into each of these points and walk through them together and hold hands and I’ll whisper motivational messages to you. Yes, it will be meaningful and magical and hopefully, it will help you simplify your life.

If you want to get deeper and journal about this (you are my people!), then download the freebie journaling exercise to help you unpack some of this and reflect on how you are using your own resources.

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what simple living really comes down to


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