Here is how the program works

Pre-Coaching Call (about 15 minutes)

If you are interested in coaching the first thing to do is fill out this application. If I think I can help you with you in your goals I will contact you to set up a (free) Pre-Coaching Call.

This call will be a time to share our expectations of the process, desired outcomes and logistics of the coaching sessions. Coaching only works when you feel like you can connect with and trust your coach, so this call is also like a speed date. You get to decide if you want to keep working together.


If you are in, then you will book four sessions with me.

We can tailor these sessions to your specific needs or we will follow the Whole Life Vision Program I have in place for my clients


Whole Life Vision

We start out with the Whole Life Vision. This is a workbooklet for you to work through your own thoughts and outline the values and vision you have for all the different areas of your life. We will work through your work together to determine the best place to start taking action on.

From here we will gradually work through the hurdles and mindsets you currently have and plan new approaches to help you move in the direction of your vision and values.

The ideal number of sessions to get a good start on making changes and keeping them is four sessions.


Further Sessions

Many people choose further sessions to keep working on their whole life vision, and for maintenance. These can be scheduled as you need them.


Want to know more? Just email me your questions and I will get back to you!




Along with the coaching calls I am also available any time by email to check-in or work through a question.

Each session will be recorded and you will receive a copy of each of your sessions, upon request.

I have experience with many issues that I use to help you in the coaching process. You can tap into my experience dealing with career changes, motherhood, marriage, decluttering, faith, the enneagram, community, creativity, health, home and more.



You get UNSTUCK. You get the changes you KNOW you need to make in your life. I bet you could think of one thing in your life, right now, that you are tolerating and want to find a way to address it in a positive and meaningful way. I will give you the tools to do this


Heads Up:

The calls will be over phone via Skype.

These calls will be recorded for certification hours, they will not be released to the public without your expressed permission.

All call times and outlines are estimates, we will adjust according to your client needs.

I require a four-session commitment at $70CAD per session.


Join in Simple Saturdays

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Simple Saturdays is bi-weekly encouragement to help moms simplify their life and live with more passion and purpose.

It is an email newsletter, also in podcast form!

It isn't just any old email! It is a fun, quick read of insights, tips and references for everything simple, on purpose, and waffles.

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