69. Will a simpler home bring me peace?

Will a clear and simple house bring me peace?

There is a lot of evidence out there that decluttered, clutter-free home is a peaceful home. There are a lot of studies about the mental burden of clutter. There’s research to tell us that an ordered home helps us to FEEL calmer. 

And I believe this is true.   

A clear home CAN bring you peace. 

But will it?

I coach moms on this. Especially moms who label themselves as perfectionists. They have standards and expectations about how their home should be. They want it clear and tidy because of how they think it will make them feel. 

They want this, and in order to get it it can come at a cost, the cost is peace in their home.

Over the years of decluttering, organizing, doing chores, teaching my kids to do chores I have learned that it can make my space feel peaceful but it is UP TO ME how I show up every step of the way. I have to bring the peace into it. 

Have you ever been to a beautiful place but the atmosphere in it stinks? It isn’t as simple as how organized and pretty the home it. It is so much more. 

And it takes work to create a beautiful experience in your home. It takes intention, vision, work, and being very mindful. 

To me, this is the difference in someone who is a HOMEMAKER – a lost art of our generation. But homemaker isn’t a bad word. It it is an empowering word. 

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