Simple Easter Gifts for Kids

small boy with glider plane and text overlay "simple easter gifts for kids"Easter is another Christian holiday that has become commercialized and is trending towards the excessive-gift-showering feel of Christmas.

I love to give my kids gifts, but I also really want to be mindful that they are simple, durable and useful. I don’t want to load them up on a lot of cheap little plastic things, or things they will play with for half a day then toss aside.

Of course, for many of us, Easter is a sacred holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus (a cornerstone event in terms of Christianity) – so I don’t want to dismiss the sacredness of this holiday. However you celebrate Easter, gifts might be something you bring into the event.

I like to give gifts to my kids at Easter. Even though I didn’t grow up with it – I like to mark this special holiday. I also like the opportunity to give them something fun to enjoy in Spring and Summer.

Here are some simple Easter gifts for kids that have bought, and gifts that will be engaging (outdoors and indoors) and take advantage of the new spring weather.

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Activity books are a go-to for me. You can find them for all ages and for all interests. I buy them for my kids almost every season. We have ones that live in the camper in the summer, ones for spring break, ones for Christmas, etc.

Smugglers starship activity book

These books come with hard paper ships to build and activity pages. I bought them for my boys for this year.

Just add water, painting book

This is water painting, but way prettier than your traditional primary colour sheets.

Maze books

We love Usborne activity books, you really can’t go wrong with anything from Usborne. I recommend buying from someone local if you know anyone who sells them in your community

Hidden Pictures

My youngest son has a Hidden Pictures book. Every night at bedtime, him and I sit side by side and work on a page together. This is our ‘cuddle time’ and I really love the simple activity we can do together while chatting about the day.

Blank comic pages

My daughter loves to create stories and as her older brother reads more comics, she is loving that format.

Story Cubes

I just got these for my kids – they are at the stage where they are creating more stories and these are a fun way to add some framework and inspiration to it.


Giant bubble set

Take a normal activity like blowing bubbles and 10X. There is so much more engagement, excitement (and nerdy science lessons you can sneak in!)

Drift Planes

My son got one of these from his Grandma and it is so fun. You can change the tail position to make the plane glide or fly in big loops. We all play with it together out on the road some nights after dinner

Sidewalk Chalk

The beloved outdoor craft for kids of all ages (even some parents too!)

Butterfly kit

At my kids’ school, they hatch butterflies in Grade 2. It!is!magical!

POGO Stick

Start with the jumper

Then move up to the pogo stick

Last year I bought my kids all pogo sticks for Easter. They are harder to use than I remember. But, they powered through the frustrations of learning something new (and not being that good at it). Now I love to hear the pogo bouncing up and down the driveway.


I hope you have enjoyed these ideas. My goal is to share things with you that respect the ‘less clutter’ we are all striving towards – and selecting products for our kids that will last and be loved and engaging. SEE MORE OF MY MINIMALIST FAVES HERE



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