43. Tips to Simplify Your Christmas (kids, clutter, traditions, hosting, festivities).

Do you want to simplify your Christmas?  We’re talking about strategies to both simplify Christmas and make it a special season for you and your family. This is part two of a two-part episode on this topic.

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Simplify Your Christmas (kids, clutter, traditions, hosting, festivities)


We feel this tension of longing to make a magical Christmas and spoil our kids, while being mindful of the money, the excess and the culture of entitlement we might be contributing to. We try to consider the type of culture we want to create in our family when it comes to gifts.

The excess from others

We worry about the influx of gifts from friends and family. On the other side of this, is a gift-giver who longs to express their love and their love language might be gifts. They are still trying to show up and love you and your family and we can always be more open to the different ways people are expressing love to us.

Focus on quality gifts over quantity

I like the four gift rule (something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read). It is also satisfying to buy them toys that encourage engagement rather than just entertainment.


Make hosting more about sharing life together and focussing on what is happening for them rather than all your own anxieties. Plan for the things that will be stressful for you (meals, activities, cleaning).


We don’t have all the time, money and energy, so we have to choose how we spend it. Bring it back to your values and vision for the season and choose the things that are most in line with that. You can’t do everything, so choose what is the best for this year.

All of these topics are covered in the Simple Christmas Planner

After all, this is why I made it. To be a roadmap through how to simplify your Christmas, and how to identify and make Christmas a season that you and your family long to have. I know many of you have got your copy already—and some of you have printed off the pages that will best serve you. Whether you use it all, or the parts you need, I think the biggest benefit is having one space to walk through it all—and come back to it next year.

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