44. Showing up for your life (part 1 of the Show Up For Your Life Series)

From one mom to another, showing up for our life is the hard work of being present, proactive and purposeful. 

I’m sharing my journey in showing up for my own life and giving you steps and insights to use that will help you SHOW UP FOR YOUR LIFE. 

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What does it mean to show up for your life?

It means being responsible

It means being active and not passive

It is more than just ‘productivity’

It is about living in line with who you are and what you want


Where can you show up for your life?

  1. Showing up for yourself
  2. Showing up for your partner
  3. Showing up for your kids/family
  4. Showing up for your friends
  5. Showing up for your world


Why is Showing Up Hard?

  • it calls us to engage
  • it calls us to step up
  • it calls us to be seen
  • it calls us to challenge how we love
  • it takes practice



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