SCARY MOMMY!! 9 Reasons Pregnant Ladies Make Stellar Wingmen

Check this off my blogging bucket list! Ok, first I have to make a list. Rest assured this would be numero uno on the list.

Find me over at SCARY MOMMY (capital letters emote my enthusiasm) talking about keeping your resident preggo as part of the social scenery.
Nine Reasons Pregnant Ladies Make Stellar Wingmen. 

You might look for reasons to ‘forget’ and invite your pregnant friend to ladies’ night out or a stagette, but give it a second thought. After all, all that we pregnant ladies have to prove is that we can stay up past midnight and get a chance to flaunt our sexy mom cleavage and general increase in body hair. You may be skeptical, but let me tell you some reasons why we make stellar wingmen, or wingwomen, for girls’ night out:

1. No more drawing straws or waiting for overpriced cabs, we are built-in designated drivers for your night out.

2. We carry the big purse and will gladly stow your ID, four lip-glosses and that coat you are too cheap to check.

3. We have snacks on us at all times. Protein bar, cheese strings, chocolate, you name it. Nobody’s blood sugar is at risk of plummeting with a preggo nearby.

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