40. Does the ‘not-enough’ mindset show up in your momlife? (Scarcity/Abundance)

In this episode we’re talking about the ‘not-enough’ mindset. AKA how to spot a scarcity mindset and shift it to an abundance mindset.

The ‘not-enough’ mindset believes there is not enough to go around

Not enough…

  • Money
  • Time
  • Food
  • Energy
  • Attention
  • Readers
  • Friends
  • Spotlight
  • Praise
  • Etcetera

‘Not-enough’ mindset says if they have some, there must be less in the world for me

Scarcity mindset also believes things need to be ‘right’ to be acceptable and it puts us in a victim mentality.

In contrast to the scarcity mindset is the abundance mindset

Here are some ways to see when a scarcity mindset is taking place of an abundance mindset.

  • Feeling jealousy/comparison vs celebrating others and yourself
  • Feeling worry/fixation vs being present and peaceful
  • Getting overwhelmed/burnt out vs managing your energy and making time for rest
  • Hustling/Hoarding vs setting healthy boundaries and limits for yourself
  • Complaining/Gossiping vs having an open mind and speaking positively
  • Feeling discontented/frustrated vs acknowledging where you are growing and moving forward

What an abundance mindset offers

I am enough.

There is enough.

If I don’t get this—it wasn’t for me.

Life happens for me not against me.

Abundance mindset allows us to see our present life with gratitude, to trust in ourselves, and to bring peace into our relationships.

If scarcity mindset is something you struggle with and you would like more guidance on it, schedule a free 30-minute life coaching session with me and I will help you walk through it.

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does the not-enough mindset show up in your momlife?

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