Things I Ask Myself While Roadtripping With Kids #fiveonfriday

Yay! It’s #fiveonfriday. A free for all to share a list of “five things” with you. I love it because I can write about anything and everything.

Like “Five Reasons You MUST Read or Watch the Outlander” (which would pretty much look like this. . . Reasons 1-4: Jamie and Claire, Reason 5: Scotland. And by Scotland, I mean Jamie and Claire) or “Five of the Best LipSynching Songs” (how much Salt N Pepa can you handle?) or “Five Reasons My Kid Looks Like She Robbed a Thrift Store” (that one looks very similar to this).

But since I did just have an eventful little road trip with the kids, I thought it was the time I share five things I find myself asking each time we go on a family road trip.

Now, let me preface this by adding that we go on trips often. Every couple of weeks we go from our small town to a bigger city for shopping, appointments, or recreation. So every two weeks you might see an Instagram like this on my feed. . . . .


I wish I was better at loving road trips because I love the idea of having ‘experiences‘ with my kids. But there are those days I wish I just stayed home and dumped a bag of dollar store treasures in the middle of the floor and let them have ‘experiences’ in the comfort of our own home….with our own toilet readily available. Which has led me to ponder what is happening on these road trips that make them so undesirable. . . .

Which has led me to ponder what is happening on these road trips that make them so undesirable. . . .

roadtrip with toddlers 


  1. Why don’t we ever pack enough water? I was sure I packed every single person in this vehicle an entire vessel of hydration…. Wait, why is the baby soaked?
  2. Why isn’t anyone wearing socks and shoes by the time we get to the city? This vehicle is small but somehow every single sock has been lost thirty minutes into the trip. Maybe they took off with all my missing bobby pins and teaspoons . . .
  3. Is it possible to literally talk your own self to sleep?  Or are our toddlers in on some secret big brother study on parental hostage torture strategies? Likely a combination of both.
  4. Why did we ever potty train our kids? Now they all have to pee every time someone is starting their road-nap. Has any mompreneur invented a roadside pop up potty shelter? I should google that when we get back into service. I don’t care how much it costs, I’m buying three. I’ll even bedazzle the stupid thing if it will get toddlers peeing when they say they have to.
  5. Why am I grouponing lunch deals when I was so smart to pack all our food and snacks for this trip? Surely a cooler full of snacks should last the whole family all day….and by all day, I mean the first 12 minutes of the trip. #neverenoughsnacks

toddlers sleeping in carseats

BONUS: Is there anything better than every kid fast asleep in their car seat? For some sweet humming moments, I’m back to being the girlfriend in the passenger seat, driving with a guy I have a total crush on. The sun is beaming through the windshield, the low hum of the radio is playing. We are cruising, chatting and I see that side smirk of the boy I fell in love with. We should just keep driving, let’s cross the border! Get cheap cheese, stay at a hotel with a pool, walk in the sun, make some memories. . . . .

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