Why You Should Practice Getting Dressed

This month I’ve been doing the #moms30for30, summer closet remix. I’m pretty excited because I got dressed every day this week!!

As I said before, no, I don’t think it is practical, or even necessary, to get dressed up each day.  I do know that we feel more empowered when we feel like we are putting our best foot forward. I believe we can show ourselves and our kids that each person is worth taking care of inside and out. I believe in beauty without vanity.

And sometimes we moms really don’t think we are worth our own time.

Since this is my third moms30for30 I wanted to add another element to this series and will be sharing some of my tips and shortcuts for the reluctant mom. No, I’m not super fashionable. And no,  I don’t feel justified to dole out style advice considering my embarrassing history with it. But I have been trying to be more stylish and learned some interesting things on the way that I hope will EMPOWER you if that’s what you want too but are feeling reluctant, lost, or not worth it like I’ve been…….


Tip: spend the time practicing so you can make it a habit

Once Dawson goes down for his morning nap I spend the extra time getting dressed, doing my hair, my makeup. Sure I do these things anyway each day, but I’m taking my time and not just putting on clothes, brushing my hair and a five-minute face – but putting myself together.

Even if I don’t make it through the whole day in that outfit. Even though not every ‘look’ will work, I’m still going through the process every day this month. I’m putting in the work to make this a habit.

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With practice, things become faster and easier. When we practice things they become habits when they are habits our brain can go on auto-pilot and we don’t have to have the mental tension worrying about what works and what doesn’t, how to do it, how to not. Just like brushing our teeth or making our weekly pot of spaghetti. Then at the end of this month, I will have my favourite outfits from this month that I can just throw on when I want to wear an outfit and not just clothes.

Tip: take lots of awkward selfies

There is a self timer on your iphone. Sure, it will attract any toddler with a 10-foot radius to come place their forehead within the viewfinder but take pictures of your outfit every day! Seeing what an outfit looks like from a picture helps you understand if things are fitting right, if that accessory just looks weird if things bunch in places they shouldn’t. Then you can send them to your sister or friend for her advice if you are on the fence. When I have a big event I try on loads of outfits and accessory combos then take pics and chose what looks the best. Yes, it’s said, I require technology to dress myself. LadyNerd leveled up!

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