What YOU Had to Say {Reader Feedback Survey}

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I’ve just started the ten question reader feedback survey and you guys are already rocking my world!

I made it in order to get to know you better and to understand how I can share more posts with you that bring value to your life. I also made it anonymous so you could have a friend-intervention with me about my unhealthy obsession with waffles and inability to say the gym without channelling Homer Simpson. But ya’ll have been gracious enough to not mention those points.

Some of you are sharing some intimate details of your struggles and where you are at, not just with living simpler or more purposeful, but as moms and wives too. I wish I knew who was writing some of the surveys so I could email you back and give you a cyber hug. Either way, there are a couple things I want to say.

You, as my readers, usually send me private feedback rather than public, but when you opened up this little peek into your life, one thing became starkly clear. For all you are going through, you have someone else reading who is going through it too.

The moms overwhelmed with new babies,

the ones facing disabilities or illness in their kids,

women who feel strained for time, energy or direction,

families that are making scary life changes to follow their dreams and have more time together,

the ones that feel stagnant, stuck in a rut,

those that who feel uninspired, who lack motivation,

those who feel overwhelmed by all of their ‘things’,

who have trouble letting go,

women who struggle to let themselves feel empowered and confident,

moms who really want to connect with another mom but don’t know where to find them,

those who want to dig a little deeper into their own hearts to unlock some love for others,

the ones who know there are some life changes they need to make to be healthier but can’t pass GO,

those who just need a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine, maybe a chocolate chip waffle….

You aren’t alone!

You are here reading, because we share these things in common.  I can’t emphasis enough that I have been (and still am) all these things. I will keep writing on all of these topics, because you write what you know! And because my filter is compromised so I will SHARE ALL OF THE FEELINGS and ALL OF THE INSTAGRAMS with you!

Thank you for letting this blog be your cup of coffee with a girlfriend, or a glass of wine on the patio, or the chocolate you sneak eat while your kids are napping (though I recommend hiding it in your bathroom, way more conspicuous than the pantry #promomtips).

Thank you for reading, supporting, sharing, commenting, messaging.  Keep it coming!

And if you haven’t checked out the survey, please take a second and fill out these quick ten questions. 

Love your nerdy blogging girlfriend.


1 thought on “What YOU Had to Say {Reader Feedback Survey}”

  1. so enlightening. i can relate to all this. being an army family adds so much stress with all the moves and children. have you once or twice moved the entire home goods? try 17 times with two children and see how together you can keep it all. and yes i love waffles too, and i was not athletic. it is okay who we are…but as long as we we never lose focus of ourselves and as you say live for us and be happy and not for material things this is key to an inspiring life with substance. thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping people. MH


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