The Story Behind the Photo (A Canvas Factory Giveaway)

I was a child of the 35mm days. That countdown from ’24 photos remaining’ was treated with reverence! The photos themselves were treated with reverence, after all, you had to save your pennies to get the film developed. And remember photo CDs? I would pay the extra money to have my film digitized in an immortal cyber format. Now I’m paying for those digital photos to be printed. I want to hold them in my hands, pass them up and down the couch to little hands, hang them on my walls.

I have this great lady in my life, Amanda, and her job is to help moms like me organize their photos. When our photos are organized then they are usable to us. We can make videos, cards, collages, books, have canvases made and hang them in our home. We can use them in endless ways to tell a story and build up the culture in our family.

I have slow goals of organizing and printing off photo books as well as (finally) getting my wedding photos printed. Maybe you struggle with this too. So, when I got an email from Sarah at Canvas Factory asking if I wanted to do a giveaway I thought it might help one of my readers get some of their memories up on their walls!

For our eight anniversary, I had this wedding photo printed from Canvas Factory. The photos ended up being one of the best parts of my entire wedding (aside from the groom, of course). There were so many great photos of my wedding, and even though this one wasn’t my favourite I had to choose it.  I chose this one because it is the only one you can see our faces, looking at each other, smiling.the anniversary photo canvas that tells a story of our ups and downs.

This guy’s smile, kinda crooked, always with eyes locked on me. It still makes me pause to remember how it felt the first time this sincere, gracious smile turned my way.  No other smile had stopped me and owned me so quickly. And in that summer that we fell in love, I would come to own this smile and it made me feel invincible. In those early days, I would catch his smile shining my way from across the room. It was a smile that was given without conditions. And no matter what I was feeling, it was his smile for me that always turned me into a grinning fool.

So this is the picture I chose. For all the years of echoing his smile. For all the times I made him smile. For all the years when smiling was tough for us, and for the years when it was second-nature. Because I only have the mosaic of feelings that spread across my heart when Conor smiles at me, but now I have a photo to show me the outside view, and remind me of our love story told in a smile.

So, yeah, I’m smitten over the story this canvas tells. And I gotta say,  I have had some hit anniversary photo storyand miss printing in the past and I was really happy with the quality of this print. Plus it was so easy
to design and order on the website.

I’m not sure where to hang it just yet as it is really harshing the ‘hospital chic‘ vibe of my classless bedroom, but it is a start.

So, to celebrate you awesome readers let’s do a giveaway and you could win one free 40x50cm canvas for your home from Canvas Factory!

To enter to giveaway all you have to do is head to this Facebook post and share a photo in the comments. Share any photo that tells part of your family’s story! Stop by and see which photo I am sharing, and share yours! I’d love to see it!

Fine print: Contest ends Monday August 1st 2016 at 12amPST. Winner will be drawn no later than Thursday August 4th 2016. Winner will be contacted over Facebook message.



FYI, I received a free canvas as part of this giveaway. This was to ensure that I could see the product first and make sure it was something of quality I wanted to share with my readers.

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