The #onesmallhabit Challenge, Will You Join Me?

So intentional living, setting goals, dream bigger dreams, blah, blah, blah.  Long story short, there is a tension that needs some easing. That tension is knowing that I live the life I live – then I write the life I want to live on paper – and they are different. Why is that? I have been rolling around this notion of ‘why don’t we just do the things we aspire to do’ and then I read this quote: ‘habits are stronger than desires’. Truth bomb.

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There is a whole science to our habits, how they are triggered, carried out and the reward we get from them. There is a whole scientific method to shifting our habits so they stick and actually support real life changes. Part of that method is to start small with a new habit that you can’t say no to. If you have big looming goal of ‘health’ over there in the distance, you have to map out baby steps to get there. You don’t just start doing PIYO and living off green smoothie bowls – you will burn out because it isn’t your lifestyle, it is your high, and highs wear off. Lifestyle sticks. Unfortunately, that lifestyle sometimes includes overindulging in ketchup chips and whiskey at the end of the night…or so I’ve heard.

So, in true out-the-gate fashion that we tend to get each time a New Year rolls around (like, is anyone else actually using their cloth bags for groceries these days?!?! #owninglife) I’ve decided to commit to making one baby step each month of this year and see where it gets me.

The old me would have never done this, because, well, public accountability and all. I mean, isn’t that why we avoid ‘resolutions’ all together? Sure they are what our imaginary ideal selves are doing, but that ain’t our real life so let’s not say it aloud to someone else.

Now, I’m not saying that a year from now I want to be zee uber blogger/fitmama/piecrustchampion/supermom but I do, for once in my life, have goals. Even if my goals take the shape of life skills –  like – not wanting to puke after step class, reading books, eating vegetables, being Beyonce, creating cool shit, etc.

I guess when people set goals they write out steps on how to achieve them and then they put in timelines and stuff. Makes sense, I’ll try it. Because I’m ready for change, I’m ready to be proactive. I need to demonstrate a lifestyle to my kids that helps them adopt healthy life habits before they are thirty plus years old.

I’m going to share one small habit with you that I will be working on each month. This month it is ‘reading at night on my kindle app instead of going on social media’. So feel free to scold me if you see me hashtagging and using too many laugh-crying emojis after 10pm. You know, accountability and all.

join in #onesmallhabit and make one change each month to help you live your life more on purpose.

I would love you to join me. Can you think of one small habit to start this month? It helps to think of your bigger goals first of all and pick a baby step that would help you with that goal. I’ve listed some ideas above to help get your juices flowing, because I’m your nerdy girlfriend who loves making lists and really wants you to join in with me.

So share your #onesmallhabit on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Let’s do this thang together!



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