One Magic Thanksgiving {okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic}

I might start a new Facebook Group, one for white women over 30 who have never once made a turkey dinner. Entry requirements: never made an entire turkey dinner for company, and can sing Salt-N-Pepa’s SHOOP (you know, just to confirm your age).

In my instance this is not because spending the day in a steamy kitchen isn’t worth the gravy coated rewards (I mean, I’m always in the kitchen anyways). Rather it is because of the generosity of others, mainly my mother in law, who pities this mama and comes to our BYOTD Thanksgiving.

This year my neighbours have helped me maintain this status of lacking culinary achievements. After they picked up all our garbage that a bear scattered through the neighbourhood, they came and offered me some of their turkey dinner.
I believe food is love. As in the growing of food, the preparing of food, the presenting of food, the giving of food is all such a simple and generous way to nurture and love on people. It is also one of the best ways to help a mom with a baby.
thanksgiving traditions, soupsgiving, friendsgiving, thanksgiving journal, gratitude journal, food is love, proverbs 15:17I also believe you can learn a lot about a person via their garbage contents. I could write a whole cringe-worthy post on what the diaper laden puzzle pieces of our life were portrayed for them in our garbage scatterings. Regardless, my neighbours don’t know us all that well yet. Other than what they learn in cleaning up our shitty garbage and the stream of commands I’m shouting to the backyard at my kids. You know, things like ‘don’t play in that puddle of pee’ and ‘hit the tree not your sister’ and lots of me counting to three. Yet they still knock on my door, tell me not to make dinner and then bring over this amazing spread that fed our whole family.We dined, the kids in their PJs and me with a glass of white I happened to have in the fridge. Yes, I saved some for Conor when he got home from work. He even faked some disappointment to miss out on Black Bean Burgers I had thawed out.

I had been having a hard couple days. Then my neighbours helped me with a mess I can’t get to fast enough and then gave me a warm delicious meal I didn’t have to make! I felt like Ginny in One Magic Christmas. Then Dawson slept for six hours that night, so it WAS One Magic Thanksgiving!

I know this weekend can only get better as tonight we have our annual SOUPSGIVING. Where we go to my mom bestie’s house and have soup she made and buns I made, along with other potluck items other friends are bringing. Other white girls over 30 who have never once made a turkey dinner might also call this a FRIENDSGIVING.

Sophie started Soupsgiving on the basis of just being together and sharing some good food. Which is what we do together often, no matter how simple or eerily similar to ‘this random array of crackers on fancy plates and the kid’s leftover juice boxes’ it might be!

thanksgiving traditions, soupsgiving, friendsgiving, thanksgiving journal, gratitude journal, food is love, proverbs 15:17

I also pulled out the Thanksgiving journal and read back through over the past four years at the different people we’ve celebrated with and what they wrote in it. It hit me in the feels. The power of acknowledging to your thoughts, then cementing them to words, to sentences, to paper. Especially when those words are sentiments of gratitude and positivity. Words, written in warm homes, with a glass of wine propped to the side. Thoughts that are set to the tune of toddler giggles and dishes clanking. Read aloud to share over a table full of love/food.

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Thanksgiving is the best. It is the proverbial pre-heating the oven for Christmas. And one day when I finally make a turkey dinner (while blasting the sweet bass of ‘What a Man’ in my steamy chaotic kitchen) I hope to return the favour extended to me last night and love on someone with food. Because One Magic Thanksgiving truly starts with one person saying to another ‘…let’s get drunk on gratitude, and here’s a giant turkey leg’.

PS. This is my 300th post! Thank YOU for being such amazing readers. I am THANKFUL for YOU!


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