I Stopped Washing My Face {Oil Cleansing}

It all started about six years ago.  LUSH was having a Christmas BOGO sale. Since I was up nursing a baby all through the night I knew I could jump right on that sale in the wee morn hours and BOG-O-of-everything!

So my sisters in law gave me their Lush-input as I sat at the table making a totally realistic, not expensive or extensive wishlist. Just simply one of everything.

Anyways, one of them recommended the Ultrabland cleanser. It is an oil cleanser for oily skin. I know, it sounds like ‘cleaning fried eggs with fried eggs’ but it works. In fact, all I wash my face with now is oil.


It’s called the Oil Cleansing Method.

You apply oils to your dry skin, they will dissolve all the hardened oils in your pores. Then you apply a hot wash cloth to steam everything. (It’s like a mini facial, I kinda love washing my face each night.) Then simply wipe your face clean and follow up with a cold rinse to shut your pores.

Your skin will feel soft, look great and won’t be all dried out. Because when you use strong soaps that strip the oil off your skin it becomes dry, your skin tries to compensate and moisturize itself and becomes oily all over again. It can’t ever maintain itself when you constantly strip off all the moisture. It’s a cycle, just like washing your hair with shampoo everyday (*cough*)

I loved the ultrabland and even tried to make my own (I failed, but I tried). Eventually, I ran out and I googled oil cleansing and just started using oils from my kitchen. I have been doing this for about six years now. 



I used to always buy oil-free cleansers because I had oily skin and now my skin is what I would consider normal. When it is oily I find it is usually due to a new primer or foundation I’m trying out.  

I can’t believe the hours my life I have wasted standing in drug stores with my eyes darting back and forth across face wash bottle labels. Like a toddler paralyzed by picking out which colour Smartie they wanted. I could never decide because I didn’t want to choose the wrong one. And, really, it didn’t matter because they were all the same under those pretty colours….and always full of crap chemicals.

If you want to try washing your face with oil, check out this great site by Crunchy Betty on different oil combinations for your skin type.  

I have tried a few combos and now I just use Avocado oil and about 8 drops of frankincense essential oil and some lavender oil. I might add a little castor oil down the road too, get a little crazy!

If you do try it, remember that it does take your skin a few weeks to adjust. So don’t give up if you have a few more breakouts than normal at first. (Also, keep in mind that lots of breakouts are due to other factors.) Once you give your skin a chance to learn this new balance of oil and it will be more sustainable in the long run.

Plus you can spend those hours you wasted in drugstore aisles doing fun things….like day drinking at lady’s lunches, taking your kids on a roadtrip or creeping Instagram!


Love Shawna, Your Nerdy Girlfriend who a little crunchy unless you ask me to give up s’mores

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