Nesting, Acupressure and Approaching 37 Weeks

Hubby and wonderful sis-in-law kicked the prep into high gear these past couple days – crossing things off ‘the list’.

Made me get a little anxious to get things done too – like painting the cabinets (a brighter white) –  replacing the hardware – cleaning the floors – doing all the laundry possible – cleaning walls and doors.

I didn’t really ‘nest’ before my son’s birth and everything I’ve read says that for most preggos it is anxiety and restlessness that makes us nest – rather than an instinct that marks impending labour – more of a fact that the longer we feel we are ‘waiting’ the more mundane things we distract ourselves with.

I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself to induce labour so I can try for a VBAC. I’m pretty much over my feelings of disappointment in my body’s ability to naturally birth my child – at this point I just want to avoid the long c-section recovery and be able to come home from the hospital after two days and lift my one year old from his crib!

In my anxiety ridden state I’ve googled my little fingers off looking for some proven labour induction tricks. I’m most sold on acupressure.  I started doing it each night (following this video) and it hasn’t induced me, though some women say it did in hours for them.  Either way, I’ve found studies that conclude it helps to decrease labour pains and shorten delivery time – I’ve personally noticed stronger contractions as time goes on – maybe its coincidence but I like to think it is the acupressure preparing my cervix for labour!

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