123. Myths about emotion coaching our kids [LIVE]

This is the LIVE recording from a Facebook Live held earlier today in the Simple on Purpose Community group

I am answering FAQs and addressing the myths we might have about emotional intelligence and emotion coaching our kids. 

I have been emotion coaching my kids for years now and I have noticed such a huge difference in my own relationship to my emotions and how I handle theirs and help them problem solve.

 Here are some of the myths and FAQs on emotional intelligence that I am addressing:

  • Why do emotions even matter?! 
  • If I pay attention to their emotions, we can’t have fun anymore cause we’re busy working through upset emotions
  • If I give them empathy, they will think their misbehaviour is ok
  • I don’t have time for more ‘parenting tool’ in my life
  • When they have done something wrong, they should be punished – no need for all this emotion stuff
  • I was never raised to consider my emotions, and I turned out fine


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