My review of Golden Naturals skin care line

That moment in the drug store: you realize you’ve been staring at face products for 17 minutes. You think you could grab the first one that sort of describes your skin, even though it’s 53 bucks and the size of a ketchup pack. Or maybe you’ll go home and make your own products out of olive oils, pine cones and hemp hearts – pretty sure Gwenyth does it and she looks flawless. Then you snap to it, swipe the cheapest thing you see and tell yourself you will use this while you research the best beauty buy for your skin type and then commit to that when this pastel covered bottle is empty.That was me.

Then I got a chance to talk to Marinella Nicolosi of Golden Naturals. Not only is she an inspiring woman, she is doing something pretty amazing in our beautiful province of BC. She is a master herbalist, digging into her Italian roots and combining her intensive knowledge of skin care and product safety to make a line called Pristine. Her mantrais to make a skin care line that is COMPLETELY non-toxic, carcinogen-free, holistic and with full transparency to her customers.

I thought I knew a thing or two about ‘being green’ but I don’t really heed the party line when it comes to my skin, I should though – our skin is our largest organ, we veneer it in creams and potions and it gets absorbed into our bodies. However, our liver does not detox what is absorbed through our skin, it goes right into our blood stream to be distributed to our cells. So add this to some pregnant lady guilt about what is flowing from my blood to the baby and I am all in for trying out this product line.

After a quick chat with Marinella about my skin, she custom recommended some products to my skin. She concluded not just that I had oily skin, but WHY she thought I had oily skin and some instructions around how to treat my skin and wash my face.

Her regime for me included:
  • Wash with the Oil Free Cleanser morning and night. She also said to let the cleanser sit on the face for at least fifteen seconds, I had never done this, but it makes sense to give the product some contact time on the skin so it can do it’s job.
  • Spray on the Rose Water Toner after washing. 
  • Moisturize with the Oil Control Face Cream, only in the morning.


Fast forward to almost a month later and here is what I have noticed:

  • I had oily skin every morning and every afternoon. Well, no more morning slicks or afternoon shinies any more! It is a relief to not have to blot and have make up dripping down my face each day. 
  • Smaller pores. I’ve tried a slew of cleansing products and never thought my pores could ever get smaller. It took about a month, but it happened!!
  • More even skin tone. I am wearing less and less foundation and relying less on Instagram filters


My initial reaction to ‘green’ products is that they are less effective than their cheap, synthetic counterparts. I was wrong. It does matter what you are putting on your body, and natural products are loaded with results. I am pretty hooked on the improvements in my skin and I can’t wait to try more of the Pristine products. Just like filling your body with good whole food, it is equally important to use good whole products on your skin.


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