My 30 Picks {30 for 30}

If you read my insta-confession you know it was a struggle for me to pick my 30 items. And by struggle I mean watched netflix all week and avoided it til the last minute of naptime that I had left yesterday.

One of the problems was I have this mish-mash wardrobe that is actually four wardrobes in one. Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and everything that is too formal or impractical for my small town mom life.

The second hang up I’ve had is that I’ll be entering the second trimester this week and am working to anticipate a wardrobe that will fit all my blossoming lady lumps.

MY 30 (29) ITEMS
So here are my 30 items. Well, I picked 29, hoping to afford myself a gratuitous add-in as the month progresses and I get more pregnant.

I chose lots of items that I rarely to never wear, some of them I’ve worn a handful of times and have owned upwards of five years. I wanted this to be a chance to make myself work them into my wardrobe. 

I also tried to chose things that would work into my lifestyle, a stay at home mom to two toddlers, but items I could also work into an ‘upgrade’ per se to do something other than my go to outfit (leggings a tee and a cardi).

6 Pants (2 tights, 2 coloured, 2 jeans)

2 skirts and 1 dress 

3 Sleeveless
4 Short Sleeve
3 Long Sleeve
2 Button up

7 Cardigans and 1 Vest

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Shawna (me)

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